Busy Week Links

Happy April, fools!

This has been an insanely busy week, in which I’ve had no free time. So, instead of sending a rambling, incoherent discussion of and important topic, I’m going to provide some of my favorite websites and online resources. These guys inform my decisions on so many things, including inspiring me to pursue this newsletter.

If you have any websites, books, podcasts or whatever to recommend, I’m very interested to hear from you. There’s plenty more where these came from, but they’re probably my favorites.

Rhonda Patrick, AKA FoundMyFitness: Her podcast and website have fueled so much of my recent brain-expansion in health. Her posts and interviews are densely packed with information straight from scientific literature and first-hand experience. She's raising money, and I believe she's more than earned a donation. 

Dr. Terry Wahls: She has compiled a science-based and tested protocol for MS. Read about it online or check out her book. She went from a wheelchair to an active lifestyle.

Tim Ferriss: I don’t think I can say enough about how Tim. His podcast interviews, books and blog posts have enriched my life and inspired me to become a better learner, and to seek out knowledge in general. The podcast is an awesome companion for LA traffic because I listen in to his insightful conversations with super-intelligent, thoughtful people.

Chris Kresser: A smart, self-proclaimed “healthy skeptic” who does his research on the topics his patients and podcast listeners need help with. He knows how to translate his research into applicable practices for a wide range of people.  Instead of taking sensationalized media coverage of health topics at face value, he digs into the study literature to explain why some of the claims are invalid, or have alternative explanations.

Dave Asprey, Bulletproof: Dave is a goofy guy, but he’s hacking biology and life in incredibly interesting, useful ways. He’s all about finding ways to become your highest-performing self, and that can get to an insanely perfectionist level, but incrementally introducing some of his ideas can improve your life if you are open-minded.

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Have an amazing weekend!