A Free Peak Into My Coaching Program

As your coach I'll support you in reaching your wellness goals by guiding you through incremental changes over a 6-month period. Typically we'll meet or have a phone call every 2 weeks to check in and discuss progress. My recommendations during your program will help you build a lifestyle that makes healthy choices convenient and preferred. Your program will depend on your specific needs and goals, but there are 5 categories that I'll use as an outline. 

  1. Peace and Recovery
  2. Nutrition and Food
  3. Movement and Play
  4. Purpose and Fulfillment
  5. Connection and Spirituality

These are the categories that I focus on when working with my clients. When there is an imbalance it usually throws things off overall. Creating a lifestyle in which we regularly put energy into each of these areas allows us to find greater joy in life and greater wellness. Maintenance may require stepping back periodically to evaluate ourselves, however it’s best to set up wellness routines that we don’t have to constantly check up on. Building a lifestyle means it’s second-nature and we can conserve energy by not constantly having to make “the right choices.”

Peace and Recovery come first because we need consistent reminders to balance out the high-stress environment of most American communities with time to seek peace of mind and allow for deep recuperative times. The typical American puts themselves through a great deal of stress, so we have to find time to decompress. We can begin to develop health problems or injuries if we demand too much from our bodies without proper recovery. If you want to perform like a champion then you have to recover like a champion.Through recovery we rebuild muscles, rewire connections in our brains that allow us to learn new things, and signal our nervous system to calm down in order to shut off the fight or flight mode. Meditation/mindfulness and sleep are our primary tools to accomplish this.

Nutrition and Food are vital because our cells demand resources to function at optimal levels and support our body processes. We need a wide variety of nutrients, so keeping an eye on what we’re eating will allow us to fulfill this need. Some basics to live by are to eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies everyday, eat real/whole food, listen to your unique body, and focus on seeking nourishing foods rather than on what you’re not allowed to eat.  Exploring food sensitivities and knowing what doesn’t work for your body is vital, but it’s also important to enjoy your diet.

Movement and Play provide an outlet for our inner child and help maintain strength in our body as a whole. Moving often and testing our muscles creates an environment in our body that positively impacts our genetics, allowing us to remain more youthful and energetic. Picking up objects and moving our body strengthens our muscles and bones. Joining friends or family for playful activities that put a smile on our faces reminds us to have fun and not take everything in life so seriously. 

Purpose and Fulfillment give life meaning and make our days joyful. When we feel like we can wake up and accomplish something of value it’s easy to stay motivated and find the energy to carry on. Whether it comes from work or volunteering, we all do better when we are fulfilled by how we spend our time. Determining our purpose is one of the biggest questions in life, and doesn’t usually come easily, but living true to ourselves can heal us and keep us strong for years.

Connection and Spirituality also help us find meaning and provide perspective for everything else. Sharing experiences and physical proximity with others is a natural and essential human condition. Community and belonging provide a direct, everyday connection. Spirituality is a more abstract idea, and means something vastly different for each person. Our feeling of connection to something larger than ourselves, or even our understanding, enlivens our spirit.

Now that you know what the heck each category means, is there anything that stands out that you’re ready to work on right now? Maybe now is a good time to reflect on each of these subjects and find some time to journal your thoughts. I hope you’ll get in touch with any questions/concerns.

If you'd like to set up a free consultation, please email me at aaronkaskowitz@gmail.com

2018: Turnt Up

“Be More”

This is the direction I’m inspired to take my coaching practice. I believe expressing and creating from deep within will give us greater fulfillment and improves the world around us. Owning our purpose makes us healthy and happy. 

It is my wish for everyone to Be More of who they are already. Resolutions are typically about improvement and change, but I think we’re all pretty amazing as we are. My only adjustment would be to turn up the volume a bit and amplify you. You’d become louder to yourself and to the rest of the world. So many of us aren’t sharing our gifts.
I hope you’ll find your voice in 2018. If you’d like to discuss this in depth then get in touch! Here’s how you might approach this.
There’s nothing to fix. When we meditate we may seek to understand ourselves and find clarity to embrace it. Often I will sit and practice clearing my mind to find peace, but sometimes meditating on a subject can bring awareness to an opportunity for growth. Some ideas for becoming more mindful in 2018:
-Can you be more present and prepared to give yourself to others?
-What are your beliefs about yourself and can you allow your limiting beliefs to evolve to open more to the possibility and joy in life?
-How can you free yourself to feel abundance in your heart?
Lean Toward Discomfort
Being more also means experiencing more of everything. Seek it to know the feeling of uncomfortable situations so you can power through to the other side having gained wisdom. Own your weaknesses as much as your strengths so you can grow and learn. Often the toughest exercises are the ones we need most of all.
Resolve to love yourself, your partner, family, strangers, friends and rivals. Love them so they may find peace and reflect it back into your life and beyond.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for being uniquely you.

Aaron Kaskowitz

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#1 Reason Why I’m Ready to be Your Health Coach

I already believe in you. All you need to do is be ready and believe in yourself. Belief has the power to heal us.
You are certainly strong enough to do the work needed to make a lasting change, but it is invaluable to have a knowledgeable partner standing beside you. I can hold you accountable when necessary, but I want celebrate with you, and help you recognize the opportunities to feel joy and healing. After a six-month program you will be equipped to move on and make progress on your own, for life. If you are willing to begin to make adjustments to your lifestyle, and want to talk about where to start, I am happy to give you a free consultation to determine whether or not we would be good partners.
Chris Kresser recently wrote a short explanation of why you need a health coach. To quote from that piece: “If you have chronic symptoms, but they aren't bad enough that you need to be in the hospital, you could certainly still benefit from a comprehensive functional medicine approach. But in many cases diet, lifestyle, and behavioral changes may be all you need to mostly or even completely resolve your symptoms.”
Many of us are living with chronic health conditions that can be controlled. My approach is based around maintaining balance by developing routines that provide chronic wellness.
One of my star clients gave a testimonial that I’d like to share below to give you a better sense of how this works. I’m so excited about his success.
 “So much of this is social. He does an incredible job listening and encouraging. He’s part therapist, part male cheerleader, and all encouraging.

Aaron brings a ton of understanding to the table. First, he understands health. He is licensed. He knows that of which he speaks. This means he is able to suggest things that might not have hit your radar, and comment intelligently on things already on your plate. Secondly, and more importantly, he understands this is a process, a literal lifestyle change. He knows this will take the rest of our lives. There is no “30 pounds in 20 minutes” program here.

Aaron takes a well-reasoned, broad approach to health. It’s not about waist size, scale readings, or one rep max. Instead, you’ll hear about blue zones, sleep, foods that fill AND feel good. 

Bottom line, we all ended up where we are on our own. It’s smart to bring in a professional to reposition and build momentum towards tomorrow goals.”

-Lost 30 lbs
-Eating for health
-Sleeping well every night
-Loving most every step along the way
Please share this newsletter with your friends and hit me up if you’d like a free consult!
With tremendous gratitude,

Aaron Kaskowitz

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i heard something a few weeks ago that resonated regarding attitude toward the self. it helped me realize that instead of believing i am somehow flawed and need improvement, growth and personal development should be viewed as compassion toward oneself. It shouldn’t be seen as fixing something broken in you. thus, we are better equipped to give to others when we have allowed ourselves to heal. that is the ultimate goal.

Happiness for No Reason - Tara Brach

I wanted to share something soft and feelsy this week because I was struck by the sense of well-being and optimism I felt while listening to this episode of the Tara Brach podcast of meditations. This has started to mean a lot to me lately. She is very soothing and has some fun stories. If you’re lucky enough to have the time to sit and listen, or listen while driving, I think everyone will enjoy this sauna for your mind.

The most important take-away from this episode is that choosing happiness and a positive existence is a key step in making it your default mode. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me because I just recently made the decision that I’d make a shift exactly like this. My goal is to simply be more happy, joyful and mindful in the present. I’m sure it helps that my goal came from seeking personal growth, rather than an assignment by someone else. And it doesn’t hurt that I have some incredibly joyful people in my life to learn from.

According to Tara, a genuine desire to achieve this state of mind is enough to get you there more quickly. Because of neuroplasticity, when we choose to utilize gladness paths in the brain more often they will become stronger and become easier fallbacks.  If you’re lucky you might find yourself being happy for no reason after practicing and giving yourself reasons to have gratitude.

I’m always working to keep a sense of empowerment over my health and learning about variables that I can control. It seems that happiness, gratitude and enjoyment are within our control. They’re also at the basis for living the good life. We should absolutely make the choice to be happy if it helps us live in a more naturally glad state. Sbe mentions this quote several times to illustrate how the choice to feel something actually generates an important physical response in the brain: “Where attention goes, energy flows.” –True Refuge

Accept and find peace right now, and be glad to be wherever you are. Instead of always seeking and expecting that if you finally achieve some specific thing that you’ll be happy. Happiness right now is key. 

Download her podcast from iTunes or check it out at these links: Part 1 Part 2 

For newbie meditators, here’s a guided meditation

A little article on the health benefits of gratitude.

You all have my gratitude for your attention and I hope that you’ll go flex your happiness muscles. It’s the weekend, after all!

-Aaron Kaskowitz-

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Busy Week Links

Happy April, fools!

This has been an insanely busy week, in which I’ve had no free time. So, instead of sending a rambling, incoherent discussion of and important topic, I’m going to provide some of my favorite websites and online resources. These guys inform my decisions on so many things, including inspiring me to pursue this newsletter.

If you have any websites, books, podcasts or whatever to recommend, I’m very interested to hear from you. There’s plenty more where these came from, but they’re probably my favorites.

Rhonda Patrick, AKA FoundMyFitness: Her podcast and website have fueled so much of my recent brain-expansion in health. Her posts and interviews are densely packed with information straight from scientific literature and first-hand experience. She's raising money, and I believe she's more than earned a donation. 

Dr. Terry Wahls: She has compiled a science-based and tested protocol for MS. Read about it online or check out her book. She went from a wheelchair to an active lifestyle.

Tim Ferriss: I don’t think I can say enough about how Tim. His podcast interviews, books and blog posts have enriched my life and inspired me to become a better learner, and to seek out knowledge in general. The podcast is an awesome companion for LA traffic because I listen in to his insightful conversations with super-intelligent, thoughtful people.

Chris Kresser: A smart, self-proclaimed “healthy skeptic” who does his research on the topics his patients and podcast listeners need help with. He knows how to translate his research into applicable practices for a wide range of people.  Instead of taking sensationalized media coverage of health topics at face value, he digs into the study literature to explain why some of the claims are invalid, or have alternative explanations.

Dave Asprey, Bulletproof: Dave is a goofy guy, but he’s hacking biology and life in incredibly interesting, useful ways. He’s all about finding ways to become your highest-performing self, and that can get to an insanely perfectionist level, but incrementally introducing some of his ideas can improve your life if you are open-minded.

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Have an amazing weekend!

Introduction to Research and Development


I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a health blog or an MS-related blog of some sort because I count myself as extremely lucky to enjoy consistent good health. I believe there are many like me, or many who just need a small boost to get their engines going into several higher gears. This writing applies to everyone, and it could especially benefit those who’ve been diagnosed with some illness. 

It’s difficult for me to identify myself as someone with MS because my affliction is quite minimal. I’m jarred by any mention of characters in movies with MS because it’s always presented with such a sense of dread and helpless hopelessness. Turning inward I feel gratitude mixed with fear of the unknown, and I remain optimistic knowing my future self will maintain strength and ability. I know how lucky I am to have enjoyed a healthy MS walk over the past 4 years. It didn’t start completely optimistic, but I gave myself hope by deciding to fight disease progression.  I decided to thrive, not just survive.

I am gifting this newsletter to anyone who is interested because working to improve myself has never been enough. I don’t claim to be an expert in anything, but I have a persistent motivation to better myself and cultivate an understanding for what makes me well. I’d like to encourage others to do the same. If it has positively impacted my life, or I believe in it, I’ll consider sharing it with the readers. There’s a great deal of information online with wide-ranging points of view, but this will be presented through the lens of my own health experience. I’ll try not to share too much that I haven’t at least attempted to apply to myself first.

Topics could range from strength training, diet/nutrition, anti-aging practices, supplements, mindfulness/meditation, cool products, podcasts and articles.

I'm calling the newsletter R&D because it will be a discussion of topics that I research and the development of new habits to integrate the information. Much more to come... See you next week.