Happiness for No Reason - Tara Brach

I wanted to share something soft and feelsy this week because I was struck by the sense of well-being and optimism I felt while listening to this episode of the Tara Brach podcast of meditations. This has started to mean a lot to me lately. She is very soothing and has some fun stories. If you’re lucky enough to have the time to sit and listen, or listen while driving, I think everyone will enjoy this sauna for your mind.

The most important take-away from this episode is that choosing happiness and a positive existence is a key step in making it your default mode. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me because I just recently made the decision that I’d make a shift exactly like this. My goal is to simply be more happy, joyful and mindful in the present. I’m sure it helps that my goal came from seeking personal growth, rather than an assignment by someone else. And it doesn’t hurt that I have some incredibly joyful people in my life to learn from.

According to Tara, a genuine desire to achieve this state of mind is enough to get you there more quickly. Because of neuroplasticity, when we choose to utilize gladness paths in the brain more often they will become stronger and become easier fallbacks.  If you’re lucky you might find yourself being happy for no reason after practicing and giving yourself reasons to have gratitude.

I’m always working to keep a sense of empowerment over my health and learning about variables that I can control. It seems that happiness, gratitude and enjoyment are within our control. They’re also at the basis for living the good life. We should absolutely make the choice to be happy if it helps us live in a more naturally glad state. Sbe mentions this quote several times to illustrate how the choice to feel something actually generates an important physical response in the brain: “Where attention goes, energy flows.” –True Refuge

Accept and find peace right now, and be glad to be wherever you are. Instead of always seeking and expecting that if you finally achieve some specific thing that you’ll be happy. Happiness right now is key. 

Download her podcast from iTunes or check it out at these links: Part 1 Part 2 

For newbie meditators, here’s a guided meditation

A little article on the health benefits of gratitude.

You all have my gratitude for your attention and I hope that you’ll go flex your happiness muscles. It’s the weekend, after all!

-Aaron Kaskowitz-

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