A Free Peak Into My Coaching Program

As your coach I'll support you in reaching your wellness goals by guiding you through incremental changes over a 6-month period. Typically we'll meet or have a phone call every 2 weeks to check in and discuss progress. My recommendations during your program will help you build a lifestyle that makes healthy choices convenient and preferred. Your program will depend on your specific needs and goals, but there are 5 categories that I'll use as an outline. 

  1. Peace and Recovery
  2. Nutrition and Food
  3. Movement and Play
  4. Purpose and Fulfillment
  5. Connection and Spirituality

These are the categories that I focus on when working with my clients. When there is an imbalance it usually throws things off overall. Creating a lifestyle in which we regularly put energy into each of these areas allows us to find greater joy in life and greater wellness. Maintenance may require stepping back periodically to evaluate ourselves, however it’s best to set up wellness routines that we don’t have to constantly check up on. Building a lifestyle means it’s second-nature and we can conserve energy by not constantly having to make “the right choices.”

Peace and Recovery come first because we need consistent reminders to balance out the high-stress environment of most American communities with time to seek peace of mind and allow for deep recuperative times. The typical American puts themselves through a great deal of stress, so we have to find time to decompress. We can begin to develop health problems or injuries if we demand too much from our bodies without proper recovery. If you want to perform like a champion then you have to recover like a champion.Through recovery we rebuild muscles, rewire connections in our brains that allow us to learn new things, and signal our nervous system to calm down in order to shut off the fight or flight mode. Meditation/mindfulness and sleep are our primary tools to accomplish this.

Nutrition and Food are vital because our cells demand resources to function at optimal levels and support our body processes. We need a wide variety of nutrients, so keeping an eye on what we’re eating will allow us to fulfill this need. Some basics to live by are to eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies everyday, eat real/whole food, listen to your unique body, and focus on seeking nourishing foods rather than on what you’re not allowed to eat.  Exploring food sensitivities and knowing what doesn’t work for your body is vital, but it’s also important to enjoy your diet.

Movement and Play provide an outlet for our inner child and help maintain strength in our body as a whole. Moving often and testing our muscles creates an environment in our body that positively impacts our genetics, allowing us to remain more youthful and energetic. Picking up objects and moving our body strengthens our muscles and bones. Joining friends or family for playful activities that put a smile on our faces reminds us to have fun and not take everything in life so seriously. 

Purpose and Fulfillment give life meaning and make our days joyful. When we feel like we can wake up and accomplish something of value it’s easy to stay motivated and find the energy to carry on. Whether it comes from work or volunteering, we all do better when we are fulfilled by how we spend our time. Determining our purpose is one of the biggest questions in life, and doesn’t usually come easily, but living true to ourselves can heal us and keep us strong for years.

Connection and Spirituality also help us find meaning and provide perspective for everything else. Sharing experiences and physical proximity with others is a natural and essential human condition. Community and belonging provide a direct, everyday connection. Spirituality is a more abstract idea, and means something vastly different for each person. Our feeling of connection to something larger than ourselves, or even our understanding, enlivens our spirit.

Now that you know what the heck each category means, is there anything that stands out that you’re ready to work on right now? Maybe now is a good time to reflect on each of these subjects and find some time to journal your thoughts. I hope you’ll get in touch with any questions/concerns.

If you'd like to set up a free consultation, please email me at aaronkaskowitz@gmail.com